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Famous collection once again on show at the Municipal House

August 2020 /Prague/

From August 2020 lovers of the work of Alphonse Mucha can again admire the world’s most comprehensive collection of his work at the Municipal House in Prague. Besides the classic attraction of his original artifacts, the exhibition also offers a far more contemporary dimension, as some of the works have been set in motion using state-of-the-art technologies.

"Both lovers of classical art, and advocates of moving a piece of our artistic history into contemporary dimensions will enjoy the exhibition. Visitors who saw the exhibition in 2013 can also be excited. The collection has undergone a significant expansion since then, and we have succeeded in getting other very rare originals. At random, I can mention Figures décoratives, the painting Prayer or sketches of the stained glass for St. Vitus Cathedral. We even had its lighted small-scale replica made, which is also on display. Moreover, the sketchbook sheets are digitally turning themselves," says Richard Fuxa, author of the project and chairman of the endowment fund bearing his name, which is in charge of the collection. He also highlights a few selected curiosities. "To dub Alfons Mucha in English, we managed to collaborate with a star of the world format, actor Pierce Brosnan. The moving beauties from one of the most popular posters, The Four Seasons, are also stunning," he adds.

We did not choose the Municipal House to host the collection by chance. Even the success of its first exhibition with the public, when it became The most visited exhibition of fine art in the history of the Czech Republic, was not the reason. The link are the traces Alfons Mucha left at the Municipal House, as he decorated the Mayor’s Hall. This is also recalled by the current exhibition. However, the exhibition is shown in the same area as seven years ago. On 550 square meters, visitors will admire 220 Mucha’s original works. And the same as seven years ago, Karel Srp, renowned curator and expert on Alfons Mucha, has developed the exhibition concept.

Mucha's Posters in Asia for the First Time

October 2019 /Seoul/

The largest collection of Mucha's posters will be exhibited in Asia for the first time. From October 24, 2019 to March 1, 2020, the collection will be on display at the My Art Museum in Seoul. Even before the opening of the exhibition, ten thousand tickets had already been sold online.

The exhibition in Korea offers a glimpse of the unique combination of original Czech Art Nouveau art with Korean design and floral arrangements. Visitors will also be able to have their pictures taken at a photo corner with a flower arrangement to create a unique souvenir from the exhibition.

The importance of this unique exhibition is also evidenced by the strong support of the Czech embassy and Czech centers in Seoul. Gustav Slamečka, Ambassador of the Czech Republic to Korea, and a group of senators led by Pavel Fischer also attended the opening.

A unique addition to the endowment fund's collection

September 2019 /Prague/

The Richard Fuxa Endowment Fund can boast a unique addition to its extensive collection. It has succeeded in acquiring an incredibly valuable work, a unique panel painting dating from the mid-14th century, by the master Vyšebrodsky. The work is of exceptional value simply because nothing like it by this painter has been preserved.

Mucha Collection in New York

June 2019 /New York/

The most comprehensive collection of the work of Alfonse Mucha in the world is currently attracting attention in New York. From June 18, 2019 to October 6, 2019 it became one of the first and main exhibitions of the entirely new Poster House Gallery, the first of its kind in the USA, which focuses specifically on poster art.

The exhibition opening became a relatively major social event in New York, showing how appreciated Alfonse Mucha still is in America. The gala opening was attended by over 400 invited guests, including the Czech General Consul in New York, Miroslav Rameš and personalities of New York’s cultural, political and social scenes.

The significance of the exhibition is attested to by the media attention it has received from prominent newspapers and periodicals such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and others.

Mucha’s poster are on display again after five years. Exclusively with The Slav Epic

May 2018 /Brno/

A unique combination of two forms of the famous Czech Art Nouveau painter, Alfons Mucha, can be seen now for the first time, in an exposition of The Slav Epic and the widest collection of Mucha’s posters and other artefacts worldwide.

The exhibition named Two Worlds offers a view and comparison of the painter’s own commercial and patriotic work - Mucha’s life-long dream he had never succeeded to realize, in just one place. Nine canvas - The Slav Epic - and more than 130 pieces form a collection completed in the past by the former tennis player Nr 1, Ivan Lendl, can be seen on the Fair Ground in Brno. Visitors have a unique opportunity to see two worldwide unique things. The biggest collection of posters and the distinctive collection of canvas of The Slav Epic.

„Since that time, there were significant changes in the collection, several dozens of artefacts had been added to it and right now in Brno, many of them are presented to the public for the first time. Add to it that it is the premiere for the combined exhibiton of Mucha’s posters and his patriotic works - the big format canvas The Slav Epic, so it is an exhibition predetermined to be successful.“ says Richard Fuxa, chairman of Richard Fuxa Foundation.

The exhibition Two Worlds takes places in Brno until 31. 12. 2018.
More information can be found at

Nadační fond Richarda Fuxy

About the Foundation

2013 /Prague/

The Foundation deals with donation activities in the Czech art scene.

Founded by Richard Fuxa, the chairman of the board of directors, the foundation provides support to a wide range of contemporary artists, movements and groups.

However, having the importance of our ancestors’ legacy in mind it also focuses on the art of the Czech history and thanks to its activities the high art appreciate could meet, for example, with the most complete collection of posters by the Czech art nouveau luminary, Mucha, the work of Bohuslav Reynek, the world-famous Bible illustrations by Marc Chagall, and the starry career of the Czech/Slovak popular music phenomenon Karel Gott. Completion of art collections and support for research and restoration projects are among the most important foundation's activities. Currently, the Richard Fuxa Foundation is probably the only institution of its kind in the Czech Republic that is able to initiate, sponsor, organize and promote monumental exhibition events in the media. It ensures that the profound emotional experience is brought not only to several hundreds of insiders, but to hundreds of insiders, but to hundreds of thousands of visitors. And, it also helps where it is needed.

Richard Fuxa


who earned his reputation not only in the field of outdoor advertising,which he pioneered in the nineties, but his name has also been naturally associated with the presentation and promotion of the Czech art of the past and present.

In 1998, he founded the company called BigBoard. Thirteen years later, it absorbed the rival News Outdoor and later on also outdoor akzent. is the market leader in Czech outdoor advertising and the biggest provider of large-format surfaces.

A few years ago, inspired by the charm of the art nouveau works by Alfons Mucha, he came up with the idea to establish the Richard Fuxa Foundation. As the chairman of its board of directors he also initiated the discussion what to do with the Slav Epic, a unique work of art that deepens common understanding of the history of the Slavs in the most simple and comprehensive way. He has stirred up a debate that continues until now and aims to find a decent new home for this monumental work of art.




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